Things I'd like to see added/changed/improved in the game

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First of all, I think this game is excellent and fun to play and the development I've seen so far, during the time I've been playing, has been very clever. So, thank you guys for this awesome entertainment!

Here are some ideas that I have (and I'd love some comments on or additions to them from other players):

Characters I'd like to add:
-More female characters in general. So far we only have 13 female characters vs. 58 male characters. It just doesn't make sense when half of the population is female vs. half male to have so few women. My daughter watches me play this game sometimes and she keeps asking me why there aren't any more girls in the game and it's sad not to have any answers. Girls rock too and it's definitely in the spirit of The Force Awakens to have more female empowerment.
-Padme Amidala and her decoys (and perhaps the new queen of Naboo after Padme).
-Master Yoda.
-I may be the only one who loves him, but I'd be thrilled to see Jar Jar Binks.
-The creatures who created the clones in episode 2.
-Jango Fett
-The female assassin hired by Jango Fett to kill Padme.
-Maz Kanata.
-Lightsaber Luke.
-Lightsaber Rey.

Characters I'd like to see improved/altered:
-Boba Fett should be a Clone (because that is what he is) and Jango Fett a Scoundrel, onced added.
-Mace Windu should have more critical hits, even though he is defence oriented. Perhaps he should be able to stun. After all, if Anakin hadn't interfered and rescued Darth Sidious he would have killed him, something even Yoda was unable to do. Also, his debuffs shouldn't be dodged so often and the "critical hits" that come with them should have much more damage than the regular hit. They are not much different right now.
-I love that a lot of the girls are great at offense, but there shouldn't be only/mostly girls that are healers. Yoda could be a great healer and as Jango Fett was the "original" copy for the clones he could have powerful revives like Old Daka.
-Poe Dameron and Stormtrooper Han are listed as Tanks and have an ability to taunt, but compared to many other non-tank characters they are quite easy to conquer. In my opinion, with the taunting ability they should have more defense and more health. Plus, as a major character, I think Han could use some OP programming to be a better competitor in the top ranks. Compared to Luke and Leia he is a bit of a downer, to be honest.
-Captain Phasma should have more power than she has now. For example, she has fantastic synergies and leadership but even though she is by far the most leveled up character I currently have she is nr. 6 in power. I know she is not one of the elite characters in the latest movie, but the difference is much bigger than I anticipated and since she is one of very few female characters available in the game it is a bit of a disappointment.

New developments for "complete" characters:
-I know in the next update there is about to be released a store/market to sell/exchange extra shards from 7* characters. I think it should be (a) a shard for a shard, (b) a limited number of shards to exchange per day, (c) only extra amd unusable shards from 7* characters we have, and (d) a lottery what shard we get in return, like in the chromium and bronzium chards, which is how we'd get extra shards in the first place.
-When a character is fully leveled up there could be missions to personalize those characters, like in the Special Events. One week we could have the opportunity to improve defence/offence/dodge/etc. in a particular character so that the "complete" characters we have aren't all the same. I imagine that it could be a one-to-one battle and if my character won it he/she would earn extra health points or defense points etc.

More advancements with the ally features:
-First of all, make more than 35 alluies available.
-Make it clearer how the allies work in order for players to choose theirs more strategically. For example, for the past two weeks I've almost exclusively been able to choose Chewbacca (95% of the time) in the Squad Cantina and occasionally Poe Dameron and Count Dooku. I don't get it. I only have two or three allies who use Chewie as their leader. I just don't understand this function very well right now, except that I get more ally points from using an ally's character than someone else's.
-There could be more advancements in the ally features. People are really interested in that. For example, it would be exciting to make a venue where we could team up with other members to put together a mutual team. Together we could earn defense/dodge/offence/health/etc points for the overall team (to be atted to what each player brings to the table). Each team member could play with that team 1-3 times a day, where it would battle teams formed by other alliences.

Othet features I'd like to see:
-In the Events & Challenges venue we have battles abailable that only allow tanks or healers/support or attackers. That's really fun and helps me learn more about those characters from the perspective. I'd also love to have battles where we could only have a team with Scoundrels or Humans or Droids etc. vs. another exclusively formed team like that.
-And, taking the above suggestion a step further, adding more characters so that you could fill a team with only Ewoks or Svoundrels or Droids etc. Some characters get extra something points for each same origin ally but there may only be one other character like that so it's not very useful at the moment. I'm sure that type of ability implies there's going to be more of them later... right? I just beg you to not make them all male. 13 vs. 57 is just too much of a difference.
-It would be fun to have a venue where we could battle with our entire army (as in, one's complete collection of characters) vs. another player's entire army. It could be a bit different, like although only 6 characters are seen on the screen at a team, we could switch out characters during a battle. Instead of speed determining a go it could be that I'd have one go and then the opponent had one go and then so on and so forth. Each character would for example have to wait an X amount of turns to be used again. That venue could even be a live battle between players. Opponents would be at the same player level (to make it a fair fight). The battle/war would be down to the last character. In a way it's similar to the Galactic War but it would just be against one player the entire time. It's probably very far in the future as a possible addition, but I think it could be really fun.

I think the game is really great and these suggestions are not meant as criticism, they're just ideas from my perspective. I know I talk a lot about the lack of females, but it doesn't mean I don't like the males in the game. I do think they are awesome! The game is just a bit limited with this because in movies in general, Star Wars included, there simply are way more male characters in the plot than female, but I think that in recent times we have been made more aware of that and the new series reflect that change in the world. Often, in most kinds of battle type games, there seem to be automatically a lot more male fighters than female but there are so many creatures and characters choose from that don't have to automatically be male, like all those pilots and rebels and soldiers and scoundrels. I don't want my daughter to think that girls can only be princesses to be rescued or healers or caregivers to men (there are so many movies and games like that). Every time she sees me play she is really baffled as to why there are so few girls. It doesn't make sense to her - and it shouldn't.

That being said, I want to stress that I'm really thankful for the amazing game, the ongoing development, the community around the game and the exceptionally outstanding communication from EA staff with players here on the forum. Big applause to them!

May the force be with you! ;)


  • What is the long term plans of the game? What will the eventual level cap(I know it will at least be 84) be? Will more stars be added? What will the gear max be? Will more Attacks and Abilities be added? Will the A&A cap be higher than 7?

    Just wondering if the game will keep my interest once I level up everything. With only 5 arena per day unless I spend money. Will I want to GW if I dont need any tokens, and I have nothing to spend credits on.
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  • I was thinking once you get to a certain level with gear that a new gear box pops up in the middle. When you get done farming it you can add an overpower level to one A&A(Your only allowed one per toon, and that you can switch it if you refarm the material.) I was thinking it would take literally months to farm enough mats for most people.
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  • Asic
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    You had me at female empowerment and the lost me with jar jar. I would add him and not level him just to just watch him die every time. Or they could give him jedi synergy and really **** everyone off.
  • Asic wrote: »
    You had me at female empowerment and the lost me with jar jar. I would add him and not level him just to just watch him die every time. Or they could give him jedi synergy and really **** everyone off.

    Lol! Yeah I agree with you! He'd probably never be more interesting or better than an ewok in the game, but I still think it would be so funny to include him.
  • I have no clue what on earth you mean. Can you explain?
  • You can pick one "attack or ability" per toon, and special level it. Example Level 7 Phasma's Fire at will is 20% random ally will assist doing 15% less damage. You could overpower it to level 8, and its 30% random ally doing 10% less damage. You can only do one "Attack and Ability" per toon. To do it you have to farm hundreds if not thousands of drops. You can switch it, but you will have to refarm.
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  • I've wondered about the same thing and ai think it's a valid question. Here's my impression:

    They are continuously adding new characters so there's always more ways to experiment with them and different combinations of your teams. Plus, they sometimes change the amounts of different effects or features the characters have, so you might have completed a character that then gets nerfed. Possibly another gets to be more OP. It makes you need to rethink things. It's an unexpected twist in the game that is always a possibility with every upgrade.

    About the level cap, although it's recently been raised from 60 to 70, they will periodically raise it. It gives newer players a chance to get more competitive vs experienced players. Otherwise it would always be an unfair fame in the arena, no matter what you did. You might be in the top 100 and suddenly need to fight for your position way more than before.

    They intend to create more features and venues for a more variety to choose from in playing the game, because we'll always need different strategies for different venues. In what way, there's no way to tell.

    Also, you have to remember that you really don't have to be fixed with just one set of team in each venue. Experimenting with different combinations of synergies in a team is a fun challenge. I have 5-6 characters that right now are my main focus, 2-3 previous favorites that I've put on hold for now and toss in an extra upgrade occasionally, a few characters I have or want to have that I plan on developing further later and a bunch of extras that I rarely use but might experiment with when all of my favorites are maxed out, because it could possibly make a difference in the Galactic War, for example.

    Then there are characters that are really OP that you can't farm so the chromium card lottery will probably be "the thing" for you once you've maxed out the farmable ones.
  • With Qui Gon going to Cantina shipment, and shard exchange coming soon, there is really no need to buy chromium. Especially since there are no longer chromium only shards (all a matter of time).

    Just farm ewok shards for shard exchange, or wait for it to be released to shipments. Only spend on energy refresh if you must.
  • With Qui Gon going to Cantina shipment, and shard exchange coming soon, there is really no need to buy chromium. Especially since there are no longer chromium only shards (all a matter of time).

    Just farm ewok shards for shard exchange, or wait for it to be released to shipments. Only spend on energy refresh if you must.

    Unless Yoda, Jedi Luke, or Palpatine are chromium only.
  • Well right now due to credit crunch I have only been leveling 6 characters. Raising 3 toons to 7* in a week can wipe you out. Like tonight I have no idea what to do about credits. I am 84/85 on kylo, and 3976/4200 on dinging level 67. So I am sitting at 75k credits after leveling Phasma to 7*s.
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  • pay2win wrote: »
    Unless Yoda, Jedi Luke, or Palpatine are chromium only.

    Based on what they did with Qui Gon, unless its an explicit promise, I doubt its worth the effort to even buy chromium packs.

    Let's instead band together, complain alot, and "force" them to rotate into shipments. Its cheaper ;)
  • After the recent update and statements made "chromium only" is a joke considering it hasnt even been 2 months since global launch and they are already rotating in chromium characters to shipments. From a business standpoint its going to hurt sales quite a bit as the reason to by chromium has decreased marginally if they continue to follow this trend.
  • moddom wrote: »
    After the recent update and statements made "chromium only" is a joke considering it hasnt even been 2 months since global launch and they are already rotating in chromium characters to shipments. From a business standpoint its going to hurt sales quite a bit as the reason to by chromium has decreased marginally if they continue to follow this trend.

    Well it's not like they're unloading a new chromium character into shipments every day. We'll see how often they introduce characters, but i believe it would be sustainable in the long run as long as they introduce new characters every time they move a chromium toon into shipments. There will always be a demand for the new shiny chromium toy.
  • I stopped playing for two weeks after getting anime at the AI system killing games with as we all know multiple dodge/critical hits/turn meter advantage/ and all the other problems we all experience in the game. It was good the time away made me miss it more, however my team has suffered and I'm now behind others lol seriously thou I realise now that the game is not perfect because it's not a mature game yet unlike say **** so u have to expect the odd bump in the road.

    However during my time away I did still from time to time check in on the forum to see what peps were saying. And it's come to my attention that the forum is completely full of nurf posts. I mean really it's like nurf overkill in here! Some people do it just to be mad, some as they feel there team can't progress cause of a character type they can't get past, others are just a special kind of broken! However we all need to chill out and let the team develop the game step by step. In this game there are multiple combinations and skill sets to choose from, this will only continue to grow. For now let's just enjoy it for what it is, work in progress and hope the devs make something that is rich and balanced regardless if your a ftp or a ptp person.

    However dev team targeting system is a mess c'mon guys how hard can it be.........
    And tie fighter pilot...he is fun but drop the disco biscuits the guys on he doesn't need them lol

    Hope you all can enjoy the game!
  • My point of view is until we all have a few teams to play with that are all 7* with maxed out gear we won't know if the game is balanced. I myself have levelled up a wide range of characters so when I came up against a team that was a star higher than mine with Poe lumi old Ben etc in GW I was able to retreat change my team and find the right synergy to win and that was with a team that was 2 stars lower so it proves any team or character is beatable we just need more time to get all the characters maxed out so when ur going for that top spot in arena u can change ur team to combat the rank #1 player and win these fun and competitive battles what do u guys think?
  • No Padma. The character that was more atrocious than Jar-Jar.
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  • I'd like weekly events that have a points based leaderboard and then tiers for prizes at the end. These should be against pure AI characters/teams and not other players' teams. It'd add a lot to the longevity of the app for me.

    I'd rather see the arena be more a points or record based system as well where you have a selection of 3 teams to face, varying in difficulty and points if you win.

    I'd like to see the game start to balance out a bit rather than just be a dps and speed fest. I was looking at the cantina website yesterday and saw the level 8 abilities and if they are accurate, there is going to be some hardcore stuff down the line and I just don't think most characters currently have enough health and am skeptical they will in the future to deal with that. I'd rather have battles last a bit longer than they do now and make a wider of selection of characters more useful.

    I'd like to see another dark side team healer, at least another that can be had from arena or gw shipments instead of the grind and crystal fest that is cantina.

    Most importantly, I'd just like the AI to not have proc rate boosts which it clearly does. Not on everything but enough key things that make it a bit frustrating. Admittedly, today's GW didn't have much of the usual AI cheese I've seen over the last few weeks (meaning over 200 fights combined from gw/arena so a large enough sample size to not rationalize it as rng) so maybe it was just luck or maybe they tweaked things in yesterday's patch.

    Oh and I'd also like to not have characters frequently dodge an attack right when they are about to die. This goes for my characters as well since in a GW today, I saw my Lumi dodge 2 straight hits (only time she dodged in that match and over many matches) when she would have died otherwise and it was lame I was able to not lose here because of that. Pretty silly that the dodge often magically happens right before what should be a final blow.
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