Evasion - a lot of questions and very few answers

Evasion, supposedly a stat to describe the ability to avoid both physical and special attacks. I don't know of there is an official post on this anywhere but does anyone have some clear cut numbers on evasion (does it stack additively, or multiplicitively? What are some real game examples?), or information as to the state of evasion in the game? Is it like lifesteal, there in name but not effect? Some posts say it is present everywhere but in arena. Is it incomplete, working as intended, etc.? It'd be awesome to get an officialTM dev reply on this because there are so many conflicting ideas on this that I'd like to end the misinformation.

Some "theories" are that AI teams get the full or even a boosted bonus (seemingly debunked in the myths sticky) or that player teams don't get the full bonus. Other thoughts relate to leader abilities, at least some of them, not applying correctly or at least not on turn 1, etc. Maybe evasion is counterintuitive and we are simply expecting it to be something it's not or calculating it incorrectly (again, additive or multiplicitive)?

What I have noticed is evasion, with the exception of Jedi vs. Sid, appears to be nearly absent in arena even when using dooku lvl 6 leadership ability combined with high evade characters and using the "offense up" buff to note when an "evade" occurs. I'd love to build an evade squad for fun but it seems broken right now, and it'd hard to spend all that energy building it to find out the stat it revolves around isn't what we thought. Thanks in advance!


  • Great questions. Ive played with an evade team as well. Due to the rng mechanics and the cryptic descriptions, it (to me) has been far less reliable than a phasma let team.
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    This question was posed by me in the big devs Q&A sticky thread. Hopefully we'll get an answer when they've gone through the hundreds of questions they got. :)
  • Yeah, it's a myth the AI gets a boost with it when clear playing shows a massive increase in AI dodging compared to mine and other players' teams over dozens and dozens of battles and often using the same characters, many times the AI characters doing all the dodging being of lower stats.

    It is remarkable what people will believe just because someone says something rather than what they see with their own eyes.
  • shimsham wrote: »

    It is remarkable what people will believe just because someone says something rather than what they see with their own eyes.

    Exactly! I think that's the source of a lot of the misinformation. I tend to disregard personal experiences of one person (myself included, which is why I'm here) without some kind of stats to back it up because of confirmation bias and is really difficult for a person to accurately log a large enough sample size, and difficult to expect them to want to.

    Hopefully devs get to the bottom of this...here or elsewhere. Anyone else feel free to share your knowledge
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