Bogdan, Soy Milkwalker, etc...

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Sup fellas, it's Murilo.

Our discord group is rocking with 17 players from Top20, here's the members we have so far:

Zemite, Murilo, Posey, CoReTeX, Daz, Fisher916, Genz, Jenga, Killerbee, Platzman, Rybeauflavin, Rycex, WhOoOoOoP, wm, Yabsey, and TEHb.

Looking forward to meet more shard mates and set up a partnership with everybody in TOP30~TOP40.

Anabolical, Bogdan, Sithstain, BR01DA022, Fluffy, Abominationz, Pleather Horse, Humbann, Daenerys Stormborn, Delmon Ciiid'r, Wilson caro, Soy milkwalker, StayFreshJs, Kolvar Polentis, butizo, Crauss, Geebuzz, Moof milker, Hammer, Toshiro, DarthNiner, noise185, zloykpoleg, Diepon, Glapi, JohnSkyWalker, Greasy Minalga, Methias Roxx, sithstain, Andoo, Daenerys, QuiGonFishing, rexli, Fluffy, Hammer, Melkor, Byun, , evg, Cosmos406, etc...

Wish you all happy gaming and see you in the battlefield.


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