Jedi and Sith: Blaster Deflection

So, would anyone like to see this implemented at all? I mean, in all sources, both parties were pretty awesome at deflecting the lasers (not all. That pterodactyl Jedi Master got messed up by Jango, so...). Darth Vader stopped the lasers with his hand before taking Hans gun away. I mean, just about everyone that uses a lightsaber does a good job at it, except Kylo Ren. He just took a bowcastor shot. So, how about that being represented here?

Maybe have some leaders come out with that ability? Give all Jedi in the group a 20% chance to deflect blaster fire, and a 5% chance to deflect it back at the attacker. Maybe have a sith leader that does something similar? Have a lower overall deflection rate, but maybe a higher deflect back at the attacker rate, with a bit of bonus damage (sith would probably try to deflect the shot back at your face, where a Jedi would just deflect it).

It would work kind of like evasion leaders, with a little counter attack tossed in. Do you think it would be too powerful?


  • Like it. A lot.
    Ren was good with avoiding Damerons effort at shooting him.
  • Barrok
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    Ren was good at avoiding reys shots too... just not good at avoiding da wookies!
  • It's a cool concept but it would unbalance the game by quite a bit towards jedi and sith. I'm sure the game designers would have liked to implement something like this, but it would just make the lightsaber wielding characters too powerful.
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    Give jedi a higher default "deflect" chance. Pretty sure this is already in the game (you can deflect special damage), just make it apply to physical damage as well.
  • @Tuscan21 @Barrok Hahaha. All right, I give. Kylo Ren can deflect blasters, just not angry wookies with bowcastors.

    @fungushnitzel All right. So, it might make them too OP you think? Any way to make it less so? Ima Gun give 35% counter chance, and +25% counter damage at rank 8 of his leader. Aayla and Dooku have counters with bonus damage. And they counter all damage sources, not just blasters (and I'm not trying to be offensive or anything. Just discussing). But those all require the character to take the damage before giving any back. Evasion leaders just allow heroes to outright dodge the damage, and often give a buff or bonus for doing so. On the other side, Phasma's leader gives an assist chance to all allies, just allowing for bonus attacks if lucky.

    The way I'm seeing it, a blaster deflect chance would be a small mix of them. For ex: FOTP shoots 2 or 3 times. 1st hits hero, 2nd deflected back at FOTP hitting him, 3rd again hits hero. Now, to compensate for the OP of the 'returnig fire' deflection, maybe a 50% damage reduction set in place? There are other heroes that use melee besides Jedi/Sith that would neither be able to or worry about a deflect happening (Rey, IG100, Nightsister something).

    I feel like it would be a unique leader ability, like Ima Gun's leader or Phasma's. I'm not trying to make Jedi/Sith OP by any means. I really would like something like this to be able to work in game and not be OP. Blaster fire deflection has been a theme an ability of light saber wielders forever though, and it just makes sense. It could also help to reign in some of the 1 shotting that happens with blaster firing heroes though (I don't care, and have no opinion) that other people are upset about, heroes like Leia and FOTP.
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    So what do you guys think? How can it be implemented without being too OP?

    A 10% deflect chance (less than most evasions) and a 5% reflect chance (far less than most counter chance)? It'd be 15% total chance to not take damage with a 5% (worked into the total 15%) chance to actually do damage by returning the blaster fire. A lot of saber wielders aren't exactly hitting like trucks (weak counters when they do), so this might be a good alternative.

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