Worth lvling poggle after 4*?

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Hey guys i'm in dilema should i lvl poggle further or keep him at 4*
My lumi and sid are close to 7* poe 5* and gs close to 6*,poggle 4* thats my main arena team
When i finish sid will save arena tokens for new update, and gw not sure to progress poggle to 7* or save also?
I finish gw regularly arena top 50 sometimes top 20
Other chars
Any suggestion will be helpfull :)
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  • I have him leveled to 6*, and I will probably leave him there. At gear 7 he has 10000 hp and can critical for 3000 dmg with buff occasionally. It's worth it if you use him in arena just for the dmg and hp boost.
  • I wouldn't use GW currency for him, I'd use it on phasma (after lumi) instead. I would still do the 2 missions (if you have access) to get shards though. Stars really only give poggle more hp and attack, which isn't that great to begin with. You just want him for his buff. But if you can star him up, he will live a little longer and do a little more damage. Definitely gear him up though to get his speed up to 1st round. Poe taunt (and expose) + poggle buff + Sid Aoe = a lot of hurt for the enemy. Follow it up with GS assist and lumi blast, and it's 5v3 pretty quick. But you gotta get Poe and poggle geared up for speed first.
  • Tnx guys for suggestions mine is gear 7 will continue to gear him up ill star him after update if nothing better))
    Tnx so much for advice :)
  • I'd take him to 7* if you are using him in arena. He gets a surprising number of attacks in each game, with good speed and turn meter boost. Since I used to run 2 Jedi, he was also one of my best characters for dropping Sid.
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