Character Shard issue

I've had this happen a couple of times now when purchasing data packs. In one pull I've gotten shards for the same character but when I go to my character page it only shows me getting it once. I'd get 2 sets of 12 shards but when I go to that character it only shows me getting 12 shards instead of 24 shards. For what I'm paying I think I should get the whole 24 shards. This has happened more than once. Also I've had a character unlocked already and in a pack I'll get that character so it defaults into 7 shards which is a ridiculously small amount to begin with for a trade off to begin with. Seems if you have the character already and you buy a pack that includes the character it should default into a star promotion instead of just 7 shards. Hope for a reply.


  • I've had this occur with the Jedi Councilor shards. In my case, I've purchased packs using Cantina credits and then after spending 400 for five shards, none appeared...
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