Free Chromium pack

I feel like to encoruage people to keep playing and actually get some decent characters maybe they could offer us one free chromium every 72 hours just to give people who cant spend money a chance to get something once in a while


  • also maybe they could make it so you can open 4 or 8 bronzium at once so you might actually get a few shards rather than just opening 1 at a time
  • I would like this as well . Either that or at least reward more in quests such as it takes 350 to open 1 and in quests we usually only get 1-2 per round . At least up it to 10-15 so when we do quests we get one pack every 35 instead of 350 . I have only opened three so far and all were shards lol
  • i think the first chromium u open on each account is always a hero never seen otherwise
  • I opened about 30 chromium cards and got not even a single piece of good character, only weak characters. Not even a 4 star. I spent good money for nothing. It will be very unlucky or just a form of making ourselves spending more and more? And no return.
  • EA is certainly utilizing the gambling compulsion in customers but I'd advise you to steer clear of those packs and instead use crystals for energy to sim and battle only...
  • Other games give things like this quite often. We'll see if they choose to as well. I wouldn't mind.
  • A pack a weak sounds more reasonable to mee, but it wont happen :)
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    I mean technically this is already a thing. Just use your free crystals from dailies and arena to buy a pack. It's just not worth it to spend them on that compared to the energy refreshes.
  • If they had a weekly login bonus as well, I could see this as a prize for logging in 7 days in a row.
  • I think with the amount of crystals you get on a daily basis from completing activities plus the monthly (daily) log in bonuses, there's already more than enough 'free' stuff in this game than I expected. Honestly, I rmwasn't expecting to be able to get so many crystals on a daily basis going off other freemium mobile games, but I was pleasantly surprised, moreso as it's from EA. A couple of days and you can usually save up enough for a chromium card
  • got aayala, mace windu and lando in the 8 pack thing, never buying it again XD
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