75'r us, 117m GP, 41* LS TB, 40* DS TB, US CST-base guild looking for 1 member

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About us:

-Friendly guild.
-41* LS TB
-40* DS TB
-46 Rolo Shard last TB
-3 Heroic Pit and 2 Heroic AAT raids per week.
-We use discord to communicate.
-Heroic AAT Raid(P1 starts at 6am pst, P2 10am, P3 2pm, P4 6pm)
-Heroic Rancor(18-24hr 0 dmg rule). Dmg starts at 12pm cst
-member who can help contribute 600 tickets a day.(We do understand things happens though)
-have CLS, CHS, Hoth twins
-at least 2m GP
-Guild reset at 6:30pm CST


Requirements is a guideline, and is negotiatable. Feel free to pm me for any questions. Himemiya#2197 is my discord
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