Good Fleet Composition for Executrix?

Title says it all.

That is who I currently use but aside from TFP, I'm not sure who else I should use.

I have Tie Reaper but it's still too squishy (I need to gear DT).

I would look at the top of my fleet leader board if I could but it only shows me their arena squad which makes zero sense.


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    I'm not big into ships, but I run Executrix as well, stuck around 50th. I've been considering a fleet that applies Target Locks everywhere for Tarkin's damage boost, and then blast them with Boba and FOTP. If you have them, TA-X1 and Reaper are obvious fits (I don't, so sad). I'm slowly building this team, which should work in theory if you could somehow keep Ackbar from cleaning the TLs:
    • TIE Fighter: Target Lock, awards TM to Executrix on evasion. Top priority.
    • FO TIE Fighter: TL, speed boost when TL enemy damaged
    • Resistance X-Wing: TL, Expose, Daze & TMR
    • Clone Sergeant: TL
    • Biggs: Offense Down, Taunt on TL
    • Slave 1: TL, AOE/AB on all TL enemies. With luck, there will be multiple TLs for him
    • Ahsoka: taunt killer
    • Jedi Consular: Offense Down, Taunt on TL (meh, not really good as a reinforcement)
    Spread TL around as much as possible in the opening round. When one of your ships gets defeated and there are still TLs on the enemy, bring in Slave 1 to hit them all. The hard part is when TF hits a TL on the enemy Ahsoka and you have to resist the urge to follow up with FOTF special to remove her immediately (I can rarely resist). Spreading the debuffs around is the key here. That's the theory anyway. Low gear levels on Sarge and Res Pilot have foiled my plans so far.
  • I use Vader, JC, Maul, GS and Boba as my primary 5 and I have TFP, FOTP, Resistance X Wing and Clone Seargant as reserves. #1 in shard now. I lean heavily towards empire/dark side ships with Executrix and it seems to work well. The TFP and FOTP reserves really come in handy.
  • Vader is extremely good in tarkin Comps. I'd shoot for Vader fotp tfp boba Biggs in the starting lineup. Lots of target locks and damage
  • The guy in first on my shard runs Executrix with Vader, Biggs, TFP, FOTP, Boba with Maul, Fives and either GS or JC in reserve. It's very effective.
  • Cool, I finally unlocked Boba's ship yesterday so looking forward to using him.

    His ship is slow and kind of squishy so while I like his special (starts on cools down) I don't think he will live long enough to do much.

    One ship I really enjoy running is 5's Umbaran. He's really helpful agains Windu led fleets because he keeps damage immunity from lasting forever.

    I don't have Tie Advanced.

    Running TFP as a reinforcement isn't something I have tried yet. I normally run him as one of my main 5 because when he evades it gives Tarkin TM. Of course when he doesn't he just dies quickly...
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