Dark side 5A hard?? Glitched or hard

Alright so when I was level 55 I was able to go into the dark side 5a hard and I got a one star now at level 57 will
57 characters- phasma 4* Sid 5* both purple gear and Vader at 57 with 4 or 5 gear
56 old Daka and tarkin both one upgrade away from being purple

I cannot not only 3 star it but have not been able to beat it since the first time I beat it.... I can get to chewie fine then and let me know he destroys me he moves constantly 2 times every turn he does his taunt then waits a second then attacks me this losing the taunt. I put slow meter on him he attacks only once during the effect I've seen him attack 3 times before I could do anything like why could I beat him at 55 but can't touch him at 57?


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    There is a random component to what enemies you face in the first two rounds. Sometimes you get an easier draw. In this case fewer Ugnaughts or no Lobot in the early rounds.
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    There's lots of posts on this; but I think your line up is wrong. You are better with heal immunes, that's the problem the crazy chewie. Daka is nice but you need a ren, ig88, Sid which you have.

    Btw once you progress to 70 these become easy not a bug. I recently went back on 5a and 5b as level 70 and finished these easily 3 starred. So it's just a progression thing.
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    True and I know that I'll fly by it once i reach a certain point but it kinda ticks me off a little that I could one star it at 55 but I can't beat it at 57
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    I'm at level 61 and cruise all the way to Chewey and then get killed.

    6* Sid
    5* lumni
    4* Kylo, Dooku, Talia

    Suggestions? Don't have Daka
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    I just yesterday with some luck got 3 stars on it... Daka stunned every other time and asssja that I borrowed stunned whenever Daka didn't. I did lose Daka but she revived herself and before chewie could attack her again I took him down.
    I used
    5* Sid and phasma(L)
    4 star grand Moff and Vader and Daka
    Moff was 6 gear one before the first purple and Daka was 2 before the first purple so I think 4 or 5 and everyone else had purple and everyone was 58... Shoutout to whoever has a 6star maxed gear ventress she came in clutch and vader's culling strike did 6000 and Sid got to put heal block on chewie before he could heal. I then went on to an easy 1 star on 5b almost had 3 star but Luke pulled a attack Daka 2 times in a row then kill phasma in one hit then I killed him then I 3 stared 5c, 5d and soon 5e
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