Challenges at Tier VI

Seems like there is a new training droids challenge at Tier VI which opens at level 84. So level 80 is not the end game level anymore?

Same for ability mats. Tier V challenge opened at level 70. What rewards do they offer at Tier V? An extra 2 purple Mats? :smile:


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    will probally stop at level 100
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    Alecation wrote: »
    will probally stop at level 100

    Thats my guess as well. But in reality, there is not much reason i see to cap it at all. Since toons growth is directly connected to lvl, they'd be smart to slow the realeses on cap raises and just plan accordingly for 5-10 incriments
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    I don't think anyone believed 80 would be game cap. They always show you stuff beyond the current cap to keep people motivated.
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    There are still two more films in the last trilogy plus Rogue 1 and rebels characters and whatever other spin offs Disney dream up. I think it could go way past 100.
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    I shudder to think of the upgrade cost of anything past 90 lol...hell past 80. It's over a million credits to level a toon from 60 to 70 as it is.
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