Temporarily reverting Galactic War Refresh to Galactic War Tokens

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Hello all -

We've heard some players were upset that they didn't get a heads up on the recent bug fix to how the Galactic War Shipments are refreshed.

That change was to simply bring it in line with how the other Shipments work, as several players have noted. Some players, however, have convinced themselves there was some nefarious intent behind the change, specifically that it was to stop players from stockpiling the tokens.

That's not the case.

To hopefully alleviate these concerns, we're going to do the following:
  1. On Monday, February 1st, we will temporarily revert the change so the GW tokens may be again (incorrectly) used to refresh that Shipments screen.
  2. We will leave this change in for a week so people have plenty of time to spend their tokens as they see fit.
  3. The following Monday, February 8th, we will put the bug fix back in so this Shipments works as intended, and like all the other ones

Hopefully that alleviates some of the concerns.



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    This is now live. Galactic War Shipments may now be refreshed with War Tokens until February 8th, when it will be changed back to Crystals.

    If you do not see the refresh costing War Tokens please restart your game to apply the change.
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