Come be a part of something friendly and fun while taking on the best.

Hey Folks,
I’m DarthZeroDan and I’m an alcoholic. Wait a minute, wrong group! Sorry.
I’m DarthZeroDan and I’m the leader of Southwest Force. We are a bunch of laid-back, loud mouth pricks that like to murder pixilated characters in the name of Star Wars. We are in the process of making the step from T7 Rancor exterminators and Normal Tank destroyers to Hard Mode tank trashers. Obviously, this takes communication and we had some people that refused to acknowledge chat so, in my power-mad state as leader, I just removed a bunch of people from the guild.
We have 40 active players that are committed to building the guild into a high achieving guild but also keeping the guild a place that is fun and friendly. We use in game chat and the LINE app to organise and enjoy each other’s company. We are UK based but stagger raid times and have a 24 hour waiting period on the Rancor where everyone registers ZERO damage so that no one misses out on prizes.
In short, we are looking for 10 players to join us on our merry quest to have a laugh and make things dead.
If you are interested please post your name and nine-digit ID number here so I can invite you…or if you have any questions feel free to PM me or post here.

Thanks for your time…


  • He is an alcoholic, can confirm
  • If you join our guild, you will not regret it. Everyone is laid-back and I'm from Southern California and the U.K. guys are great. Very helpful and knowledgeable blokes as they say.
  • We have it all. hangover recovery tips, gratuitous swearing, sarcasm, wit, someone who freaking loves droids.... it's awesome
    Help us become even greater by nailing the holy grail of TT on steroids.
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    Seeking +-10 players to join us.
  • We are looking to get HAAT on farm so please don't bother applying if you are not at level 85 or a whale of an 84! We have no one below 85 and won't be carrying "dead weight".
    We are a very active guild, raiding frequently and very involved as a group.
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