Qui gon nerfed??

Tell me I'm not tripping balls here didn't qui gons 3rd ability give offence up when you remove a positive effect on the enemy? Look at your qui gons 3rd ability it doesn't applyy offence up anymore, or I just tripping


  • @Krispyfried You're just tripping. My QGJ has his 3rd ability at lvl 6 and it shows that it gives Off up for 2 turns when dispelling. Could be a visual bug for you, or its just that abilities in this game tend to show their upgraded versions at lvl 1, then the text reverts to the proper wording once upgraded to lvl 2+ (fact. It does that).

    Either way, no worries. He wasn't nerfed and is awesome :smile:
  • Could be a visual bug then thanks
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