Character Strategy- Sith Trooper

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Sith Trooper
High defense Sith Tank who Taunts and ignores enemy Protection
Unlocks at: 1*
Available from: Lord of Hunger Event

Changes are colored in green.

Basic Attack – Disruptor Blast:
  • Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 40-70% chance (Based on Ability Level) to inflict Defense Down for 2-3 turns (Based on Ability Level). At max level, if the target was already debuffed, ignore their Protection.
Special Attack – Crimson Barrage:
  • Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 40-70% chance (Based on Ability Level) to inflict Offense Down for 1-2 turns (Based on Ability Level). This attack ignores Protection. At max level, gain Protection Up equal to 5% for each debuffed enemy for 2 turns. (Cooldown 3)
Unique Ability – Vaiken’s Legacy:
  • Sith Trooper has +100% Defense. Whenever a Sith ally uses a Special ability or falls below 50% Health, Sith Trooper gains Defense Up for 2 turns. If he already had Defense Up, he gains Taunt for 2 turns. If he already had Taunt, he gains Retribution for 2 turns. Sith Trooper gains Defense Up and Taunt for 2 turns at the start of each encounter.
General Strategy
  • Sith Trooper becomes one of the staunchest tanks in the game when modding him focusing on Protection and Defense as primary and secondary stats.
  • Try using Sith Trooper in teams with more than three Sith in order to reliably trigger Taunt and Retribution.
Hero Synergies
  • Placing Sith Trooper in a Darth Nihilus lead team greatly increases his survivability versus most teams because of the Max Health increase and Health Steal, but watch out when against those that inflict many expose effects!
  • When paired with Sith Assassin’s ability to also conditionally ignore protection, these two open up opportunities for Savage Opress to one-shot an opponent under 50% life… and still at 100% protection
Where to Use
  • Sith Trooper is a great addition to any Sith heavy team that needs a reliable taunt with some staying power.
  • Try Sith Trooper under a Darth Nihilus lead in Galatic War, the high health steal and health totals make for a team that sticks around through multiple nodes without many casualties.
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  • Should I put him in my sith team with Nihlius(L), Vader, Savage, Palps and Dooku? And who will I swap out? I am close to unlocking Maul too and he will definitely be going into the team! So do you think it's even worth leveling sith trooper?
  • ST is a beast. Basically he is a mix of Shoretrooper and RG, along with some retribution and offense down. He's great in a Zaul team but really shines in a Zihilus or regular DN led team
  • I use him under Nihilus with MK 5 health mods and my entire team is Sith. He has all the buffs within about three seconds and has the added Offense and Health Steal because of Nihilus lead. Mine is level 77 and I've only seen him die to very strong level 85s. This is why I'm level 77 and already in the top 500.
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