Gear challenge not awarding what it says it does?

Anyone else have this issue?

I absolutely love that we don't have to pick and choose between droid callers and hyposyringes now.

I DID notice twice that the challenge awarded me 4 hyposyringes but they didn't add to my inventory.

I was tracking them because I need a hyposyringe to get IG88 to G11.

Once I was already at 32 hyposyringe salvage. It awarded 4 but then it stilll showed only 32. I bought two energy refreshes and farmed another 4 from nodes bringing me to 36.

I still had two challenge attempts for the day at this point.

I did my two remaining challenges getting 4 hyposyringes each time but when I look at my inventory? It shows that I have 40.

This is quite frustrating as I went from being an energy refresh away from completing a syringe to still needing 10 more.


  • Do you have any scoundrels? They could have gear heisted you
  • Do you have any scoundrels? They could have gear heisted you

    Haha, come to mention it, I did get 4 hyposyringe salvage from droid heist yesterday.

    Maybe my bounty hunters double-crossed me!

    Maybe RNG is turning into some form of quasi-karma and it felt I didn't deserve all those syringe salvage...

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