Can my rebels unlock Palp?

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I haven't worked on my rebels until recently. I am only focusing on them currently to try and get Palp. I've got: 7* g8 Ackbar, 5* g7 Biggs, 4* g7 Wedge, 3* g6 STH, and I will have Lando unlocked at 4* by the time of the event. I will ding level 79 by the time of the event.

Who should I prioritize here? Will I be able to unlock palp? Thanks...


  • crzydroid
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    He unlocks at 5*, so you need five at 5* for the unlock.
  • McBee
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    Wow. So is the 5 at 5* a requirement for the unlock, or are you saying that anything less won't have the juice to beat the tier?
  • hilikus
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    It is a requirement.
  • It's a 5* unlock for Palpy
  • he is saying he unlocks at the five star challenge, each stage increases the requirement for rebel stars you are using. So for the five star Palp, you need five 5* Rebels. For the next stage, you need five 6* Rebels, followed by the final stage of five 7* Rebels
  • McBee
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    Looks like I'll probably come up short then. Thanks for the info guys
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