Mr Loboto

So yea was trying to build a different droid team and noticed Lobot was supposed to have synergy with them ( I got both IGs and HK). I levelled him gave him some fear and unlocked the first tier abilities but I find extremely blah. Granted his stars are low just got him but was wondering, does anyone ha experience with him with higher stars. Should I cut my losses and send him with the other losers at the back of the roster truck or should I strive ?


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    He is squishy, hard to farm, high end droid teams don't need or want a healer. Bench him, he's barely even useful for GW cannon fodder. If you are going for droids you want:

    Hk-47 (lead)
    Wild card slot: Poe for Taunt and let the droids destroy, phasma for advantage and AOE slow, Sidious as lead to hide droid squad. Hecki have even seen daka for her stuns.

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