LF "SWGOH Alliance" PVP shardmates

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We have people in LINE chat and times for more people. Times are all before the winter daylight savings kicked in. If you're interested in joining, please PM me here or in LINE "welbymd" Thanks!

*indicate those in LINE chat or with contact info

*2309Boris - Infinite siths empire (6a PST)
Arclight - Ohmysith
ArenHam - CanadaEh (10a PST)
*Baron Funke - Drop it like it's xhothx (3p PST)
*Bce pro100 - separatists (5a PST)
*Belligero - Rebel force (4p PST)
Benedict - The ones british knighs
Billytwood -S1th and tw1sted
*Bkdt - Die spaceballs (9a PST)
Brosos - RedRogues
buddyL420 - Trilium
Caloh - Sand people
CNOS - Ruins of Algor
Cpt Amazing- Galactic rangers
Craig Johnson - Legion of heroes
Cshaik - X Elite
*Coconute - RomaniaForce (8a PST)
Dad - Cantinakampfer
Dark Phantom - Cheesetown jedis
*Darksidecalls2me - Who's the Bossk (6p PST)
DarthAxo - Drop it like it's xhothx
DarthBozzie - Der orden
DarthDvnel -Fried mon calamari
DarthStarkiller - Malevolent Marauders
*DarthLordMarin 66 -Order 66 41st division (9a PST)
DarthLynxal - Axm syzygy
*Dash Rendar - Game of Clones (9p PDT)
Dellel - New Hope of Hungary
Dissonance - Resplendent whispers
DLOO Matt143db - Dark lords
Duthieboy - Breakaway
Enik -
Eskreema - Intergalactic space ships
Falen Lacer - La fosa de sarlacc (9a PST)
Fighting Irish - 3rd reichert (9a PST)
Forgotten One - SotF0
*Gain 66 - Order 66 501st division (9a PST)
GoldenChukar - Disposable heroes
GoldenWizard - 187. legion
Herculano - La fosa de sarlacc (10a PST)
*ICBW Auricius - I club baby whale (10a PST)
IceJdog - Ruleoftworeloaded
*IN PEZ - Team instinct (3p PST)
*Infinity - RomaniaForce (8a PST)
*Jackal - Starlords reborn united (12p PST)
Jedirobb - Guthwulf
Jen -Requiem
Jonathan K - RS Rogue one
*Jynx - xSWCr (6p PST)
Kamisama -
KingslayerBob - Starforge Bespin
*knighty - Je'daii (10a PST)
konan (9a PST)
Konstantin - 1egacy of the old republic
Krystian - Wild hunt
Lain - Polish soldiers
LicktheV - Execute order 66
Leo - Rift
Luna Lovegood - The ninja turtles
Maath Faselli - 12345
MaraxusSVK - 372O to 1
Matt14 - Spora 27
*meymunat - TheTurk (8a PST) (Whatsapp)
Nema Ghyron - less than twelve parsecs
Opeth - 501st Battalion (11a PST)
padonak nah (7a PST)
*Quixi - Do u even force lift bro (3p PST)
Ravan - Round table knights
*Richie - 0otini (10a PST)
*Ripper 66 - Order 66 (3p PST)
Rippin an a tearing - Defeater
*Romans828 - Wallet warriors (6p PST)
Ryno Rep the Goldfish - Ryno
Sapphire - 1egacy of the old republic
schakl - grey path of the alliance (10a PST)
SDJoe84 - palps blue ribbon
Sethu - Polish Empire
SF Hurricane Windwalker - StarForge jedha (9a PST)
*Shenaria - Who's the bossk (10a PST)
*Sol Reflection - Sotf0 (6p PST)
Starwartruper - Primary force
TBK Benedict - The ones british knights (10a PST)
*Terzo Fratello - EmperorCrew (9a PST)
ThrKngs - Danmark
Tidusdm - Last order of xsith
Usualgubbins - The original crimson elite (10a PST)
Vladz - Avant Garde
Warbreak - Gh0sts of aleraano
*Welgus - Starlords reborn (12p PST)
*YoungJedi - OuterRimJob (3p PST)
Zeta Valon Behrami (fka Claudio Lopez) - team zeta (8a PST)

Guild: OuterRimJob
Ally code: 339-952-973
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