Help!! Advice needed (Formation discussion)

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OK guys I was jus wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on what I should do with my formation, And Maybe Ideas Of What To Do INot The future! TheSe Are The Cards I Have!
4* Chewy
4* Ahsoka
4*Eeth koth
2* consolation
2*fis to

On a second note I need the same ammt of shards to 5* assaj as I do to unlock sidious which one do I go for?


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    A lot of people are asking what they should do and who they should focus on. Do enough reading and you will be able to decide for yourself. It really depends how you want to play as there are plenty of strong characters.

    Until the player base levels out more somewhat there will be advantages of using underused characters as long as they aren't underpowered.

    There is good info on
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