Shard: ìN Xio, Odakhan, Lyd, Skeetster, Antwan, Revster, Csaka, SyntheticAbyss, Obijakekenobi etc

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Happy SWGOH birthday all, I believe most of us joined around this time last year! There's a number of us on Discord to communicate on the Shard, so please PM me or one of the people below and we'll send you the Discord server details. You don't need to be top 10 or 20, feel free to reach out if you recognise that you're on the same shard and want to join.

If I've missed anyone's name above, there's a limit on the title ;)

@Xioborg (Xio)
@Malcontent4 (Antwan)
@Skeetster (Skeetster)

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