Kanan & zQGJ

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I'm half-way of farming my first zeta. I've planned to give it to QGJ. Since I don't have GK, I think Kanan can win a place in such a team. His dispell on taunt and his second special are pretty fine and will fit perfectly for such a team, especially to dispell a buff immunity on yoda before applying BM.

His basic speed under zQGJ will be 125, and it's not so hard to add 40-50 speed to him, giving him 165-170 which is far from enough for a tank with a Foresight at the beginning of the battle.

I'm going to farm better mods also, so my plan is a zQGJ, JKA, Yoda, Kanan and Ahsoka team.


  • Ciel_6
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  • Radonis
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    i still think he will be too slow to do anything. A b2 would with TFP would prolly wreck that team.
  • BulYwif
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    B2 is the nightmare of every teams. With his cleanse, I think he can be viable especially with the foresight. OK, with cleanse, he's losing a turn.

    A taunter does not need a lot of speed in that kind of team who is able to avoid the first enemies' AoE. Idk, I think with some additional tenacities, he can make his job.
  • Think about Aayla, she Isabelle pretty string on jedi teams
  • Carto
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    Agree with my Yoda brother, can be a viable team. Im trying same team but Aayla in and Ahsoka out.
  • BulYwif
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    I don't have Aayla for now (I know that $uck). I'm farming Kylo from cantina. I also like Ahsoka, she can hit hard and heal team.
  • Neo2551
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    No, keep your gear for GK. You need speed on non auto taunt. I would buy Baze and Chirrut And add them to ZGJ.
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