Double revive?

Has anyone actually tired Ewok Elder + Old Daka?


  • Add in Boba for his self revive chance :p

    Although I'm not entirely sure how the revive mechanic works on Daka and Ewok heals.

    Is there a chance to to revive a fallen ally at any point in the fight EVERY time they heal? Or does the chance only apply to the next heal immediately after an ally is defeated?
  • Man, that Boba Fett, I just fought him alongside others in the Cantina and I had him and Teebo (I think) left in round 3, I must've killed Boba 4/5 times in a row and he revived every single time
  • Ewok Elder has ability to revive at any time. I managed it two turns after defeated character fell in galactic war. Not sure about Daka (don't have her yet) but would think it's similar.
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  • I made the mistake of killing Daka last(since she was the boss) and she revived her ENTIRE team. What are the freaking odds eh? Lol. I still 3* it but it took way longer than it should have.
  • Yeah.. Daka is awesome. . Luv her stuns and heal/revive
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