Do I need to upgrade Dooku or Chewy or Consular or URoRR...? (new player)

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Please help out a new player.

Quite confused here about how to start off. I'm reading through the forum to start.
Postings suggest buying Dooku, and I have.

So I have the starting characters and a blessed bronze drop gave me 4* URoRRuR R R for free...

Many people seem to say that Dooku does not endgame.

So does this mean I should not increase his stars and concentrate on my 4* UR...Consular and Chewy 1st?

Advice would be greatly appreciated!
God Bless~


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    If you only want to spend $100... I would use it on energy refills to help level your team. Do the 50, 100, 200 crystal recharges only.

    I would focus on a team that you can get to 7* for free... Something like

    Jedi Counciler
    Talia or Chewie ...

    These guys are easy to get shards for and you can use Dooku to help you out while you build these guys. In the process of building this team you should get a feel for the game and can tweek it to fit your playstyle.

    If you buy Barriss she will be strong early on, but eventually you will want to swap her out for 5*+ toons and she will take much longer than the guys listed above.
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    So no need to star up Dooku? Thanks again for your super helpful answers !
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    I would say no need to star him after 4 stars. You got to finish the hard mission anyways, so why not farm Doku?
    WWJDl wrote: »
    So no need to star up Dooku? Thanks again for your super helpful answers !
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    So need to get him to 4* and how far to equip the him before the rest? Or am I doing the other characters above first? Thanks again for all your help to a newbie-one
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    I have the same question.. i don t know if it's better searching for Talia's or Chewie's fragments in Cantina.. they're bot 4 stars now.. and i ve a dropped a fantastic Sid in one of my 5 chromium packs opened (oh yess)..
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