GW matchups have nothing to do with arena rank!

I read a lot that many people think that their arene rank influences the power of their GW opponents!
Well at least not for me! Yesterday I reached my best arene rank ever, which is 30, actually the first time in the top 50, which I think is quite good. After the theory, my GW today should have the stongest opponents, I ever faced!
In fact it was the opposite! I'm level 67 which is the level of my top chars too, all gear level VIII and between 4 and 7 stars. The thoughest opponent in GW was someone with level 65 gear level about VII! He was much weaker than me, as well as all the other opponents, so I cannot belive that arena rank influences my GW machtups!
Today was one of the easiest GWs, I ever faced, although I set up a new personal arena record the day before!


  • Ive gotten first a few times and I've only failed GW a couple of times. The difficulty variance is massive day to day as levelsand power rating don't help as much as synergy. If you get 7* teams with synergy before node 7 it is going to be a long day. Simple as that.

    People over think this issue and personally I think it is a combination of several metrics and not arena rank alone and I know almost for sure that current arena rank doesn't mean anything.
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    *sigh* No one "thinks" - it's been confirmed by devs. GW matchups are at least partially determined by highest arena rank attained (NOT current rank - highest ever). The link to the devs comments on Reddit have been posted repeatedly.

    As pointed out above, it is ONE of the factors (along with strength of your top 5 toons). No one knows for sure to what extent each is figured in.
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  • Yes they have. It is confirmed though. But probably RNG still matters more than the Arena rank in the matchups.
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  • I was having easy matches in GW for a week or more. Yesterday I decided to claim #1 in Arena...I have a good squad but just barely good to reach there much less stay a while at 6:00. But I did a refresh, climbed from 40 to #1 and the stayed till 6:00.

    Then I refreshed GW at 12:20 and HELLO MAN. HELL-O? Yes it was a mini nightmare. It wasn't like they ehere all 7*. What Ibfaced was teams that managed to crit all the time, or could consistently dodge 4 times in a row. Or would hit so hard and reliably focus fire that I had tonrestart some missions 30 times. It was the hardest day in maybe two weeks. The only ither time it was horrible and even worst was when I took #1 a month ago, but at that time I also stayed in then top 10 all day long. Those fights where just cruel...FOTP with QGJ with GS with Poe after Poe.

    My rule of thunb is stay in Arena lower than you deserve, and GW will be a 20 minutes rhing. If you stretch it in Arena (doesn't matter if you ideal place is 300 or 5) you will get GW that you can't finish or that requires 2 hours.
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