Need Advice: Phasma in my Team

I have a 4* Poe, 4* Chewy, 4* Luminara, 5* Darth Sidious and 3* Jedi Consular. I just got 3* Phasma and I want to put her on my team because of her leader ability, but I don't know who to switch her out for. My team at the moment is pretty solid, but I don't know if taking one of them out will be worse or better. Eventually I'll switch Jedi Consular for some other type of healer, but I also don't know who yet (But will only switch him out for another healer, I was thinking maybe Barris Offee. < Is she good?). Darth Sidious is my highest, so the basic question is: Who is worth more on the team, Poe or Chewy? Any advice would be great, thanks.


  • You can probably sacrifice Chewy, as in the long term Phasma is better to invest time in. Chewy seems to plateau at a certain point and is no longer as useful. Phasma is a popular character for a reason. She is good to have.
  • Take out Chewy, keep Poe. He is the meta right now. Fast, exposes enemy, tankier, overall just a great character. Chewy isn't a viable character if you are looking for the future. Keep farming Poe, Sidious, Luminara, and Phasma.
  • Chewy and JC are your expendable characters for PVP. But since you have Poe, switch Chewie first
  • Like others have said two tanks and two healers is too much. Phasma would be good in Chewie's place because she has a lot of HP plus turn meter manipulation and much more damage output. Barriss wold be worse in JC's place because she only heals and doesn't really attack well. Plus she's harder to farm. If you want two healers, JC's probably the best choice.

    If you don't mind getting away from a healer, you'd probably do best with someone who does a lot of damage in JC's place. GS is the current flavor of the month (and for good reason, he rocks) for that position. There are several other high damage characters that would also work well, though (e.g. Luke, IG-86, Greedo, Resistance Pilot). Daka would be a fun alternative. Not as much damage, but the stun and revives are awesome when they work. Talia is also interesting. She does decent damage and although she hurts herself when she heals she also gives you turn meter.
  • Swich Chewie out for Phasma.
  • I'd not do Phasma. Pretty big "bug fix" and you need GW for Lumi. I'd do GS for Chewy and QGJ for JC.
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