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Is it worth it? I'm LVL 45 Have Lum, Duku,Savage,Maul,Mace, Barriss, Bane,Lando,Chewie,Consular, Ventress all there all 4 star but Duku 3 and Lum3(just got her an hour ago farming) I got in top 5 in Arena, I'm sticking in top20. I ran into HK in GW and he was a force at 5* with chewie and Ventress at 4 and counsular and Duku at 3. I had been walking through the GW with my team until I hit that buzzsaw. Is that pack worth it though?



  • Anyone?
  • Can't really comment on HK47 as I dont have it. But when borrowing one from allies I found his debuff AOE is pretty good aganst Jedis, his normal attack higher than average (Sid), and he can revive himself.
  • Thanks, anyone else?
  • Well my team just got **** on by IG-88 on a team with Sidious lead. He literally one shotted two of my toons doing like 80% of their health.

    I wish I had videoed it. I still don't know how it happened. I assume it followed Sidious's aoe. He crit and did 45% more damage at base line plus 50% more damage for the negative effects on 5 characters. I'm wondering if it glitched and he got 10% per negative affect vs per character. Additionally I'm wondering if that 50-100% increase was applied after the 45% increase was applied to crit damage? If so that would mean his crit hit for over 400%. Ridiculous. The most formidable character I seem to have faced at level 45 with 4* rooms at gear levels 5-6.

    Other than that the HK, seems alright. I never think to myself... Oh no, not HK, and I don't have a special strat for him nor have I heard anyone complain about him.
  • HK jacked me up on Sids team, similar to what you deescribed the 88 doing.
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    IG-88 is a monster once those debuffs are on. 15% extra damage for each debuffed opponent + his crit bonus and yeah, he can do some major hurt. IG-86 is supreme for single target damage, love him. Haven't got HK-47 yet so can't comment - working on it though for his awesome Droid Power leader skill.
  • I have all the robots. Right now they are 3-4* level 60. HK, 88, and 86, are all decent when mixed in with other characters. On their own, they have too little HP and not enough power. I feel all the packs are overpriced by at least 50%. I would abstain from this purchase.
  • I agree on pricing. I heard 88 hits hard and HK can take a pounding. I faced HK on Sids team and he jacked me up, though that team was on GW and were half a dozen levels higher.
  • HK is fantastic leading a team with 88 and 86 -- it's all about laying down massive damage to overwhelm an opposing team's healers before they can respond. His leader ability means they all crit like crazy and then build huge turn meter off those crits. At level 50, HK gives 30% turn meter per crit, so his and 88's AOEs often lead to immediate free basic attacks before anyone can act. Right now, I team them up with JC and Bariss for the heals and they do pretty well. HK has huge HPs and respawns when killed over 50% of the time. 88 and 86 are a lot squishier, hence the need for big time heals. 88 is also a pretty decent leader in his own right -- granting crit bonus to all team members (HK's only applies to droids).

    Hope that helps!

  • Very much thank you
  • Good information here. It'll be great when new synergies are built on data like this..
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    HK-47 has a special "meatbag mayhem" which is awesome against Jedi. He's worth investing in, I've had him since early on and as I level up, I find myself using him more and more, he can take a beating.

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