9-A light normal

Please Help!!! I've tried my rebel squad (wedge, Biggs, lando, pathfinder, ackbar) and my Jedi squad (jinn, Luminara, Barris, Yoda, ben) . Can't get past it!!!! What's the best team and set up?


  • NicWester
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    Those teams work, you probably just don't have good enough gear, unfortunately.

    If you can throw a zeta on Qui-Gon and Barriss, you should be able to clear out all of 9 normal and hard.
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  • ZQGJ makes all hard light side nodes very. Very easy. Add in a Barris (or gen kenobi if you are that powerful and if so **** are you doing struggling with this?). Keep up foresight. Dodge all the aoe. Win.
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