Rogue 1 team

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I was thinking of making a jyn(l), chaze, and wiggs but is it good without K2 and cassian?


  • None of the top Arena players on my shard use a Rogue 1 team, however, some of my guild mates see them on their servers.

    Apparently, the team for that is Jyn, chaze, Cassian, R2.

    Someone else should confirm that before you invest though.
  • WompWompRat
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    I run ZJyn, Chaze, R2 and Cassian for various uses (not yet on arena, waiting on Ashoka to test that comp), and I find them to be fun to use and good on offense. That comp I run also does monster damage on heroic Rancor.
  • slickdealer
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    Problem is the team is terrible on defense. Cassian will use his bomb against a team with Tenacity Up.

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