HAA Jedi teams for Phase 1.

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I'm trying to make a survey of Jedi teams for our guild. Regrettably, we were depending on zKylo for our preparation and the future nerfing has thrown a wrench into our HAAT development plan. Since we were surprised with (figuratively) our pants down, we are following a strategy of few super teams per phase rather than forcing a 2% from all.

I've seen four leaders used: zQGJ, JKA, IGD and Ayla.
The usual member are the aforementioned four plus Ahsoka Tano, Barriss Offee, GMY and lately Ezra Bridger.

I've seen some videos and guides on JKA and IGD mostly, but apparently zQGJ can do upto 12% of the phase. That would mean that we would need just 8 to 10 such teams to carry the whole guild forward.

My issue is that I've seen two different composition for zQGJ quoted, but no explanation.

Composition 1: zQGJ, Snipes, Yoda, JKA and IGD.
Compostion 2: zQGJ, JKA, Barriss, Ezra, IGD.

Can someone point me to some guides or videos regarding those teams? I've already seen Morningstar 013 latest post and McMole2 YouTube video. But I have not seen a good discussion comparing the two. Any help?


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    I have run it w/ IGD lead, GK lead and Ani lead.

    The only team to consistently do 10% +, for me anyways, is...

    Ani (L), Ahsoka, Aayla, IGD, Bariss
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    zKylo still work great for P1. I'm using zQGJ, Yoda, JKA, IGD, Ahsoka. If I had Aayla, I'll switch Yoda for her for more damages.
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    As a Guild we are preparing for HAAT on September/October. So we have time. But mostly because we expect zKylo to be nerfed for P1. If they don't nerf it, by August we would be ready. The only issue is getting all the Jedi teams we need. We had everything close to ready save the Jedi. Nobody likes them much in our Guild.
    Poxx, how do you mod them to get 10%?
    BulYwif, that's the team I'm trying to develop, but had 0 shards for JKA, IGD and Ayla. That on top of my other developments is killing me. I'm one week from zeta-ing QGJ, and AT and GMY have them at g9, so I'm not that far. Ideal moding is speed for this team?
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    Most consistent team, Aayla (l), JKA, Ahsoka, QGJ, IGD. Need to have Omega on Aayla lead. Tenacity above 60 % on each ( tenacity cross helps a lot ) . I ran at G10 on all except JKA and QGJ at G11. Does 350k +. Have fun
  • Poxx
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    Baldusi wrote: »
    Poxx, how do you mod them to get 10%?

    Secondary speed of course. CC/CD or CC/Offense mods on everyone but Bariss.

    I consider health at a premium over prot as well. IGD regens health when critted. Ahsoka and Bariss heal everyone w/ specials. Aayla heals on her special and all Jedi heal due to raid ability.

  • BulYwif
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    I've got a zQGJ that I ran for our first HAAT. I ran zQGJ, JKA, Ahsoka, Yoda and IGD for P2 since P1 was cleared by our zKylo. Plus is the Foresight that can help a bit and the +30 speed.
    Yesterday, I've switched zQGJ for JKA for his +30% offense, +20% CD and Advantage. It gives a better offense to Jedis to the tank is toppled faster. Usually, a Jedi team is fast, so the +30 speed is interesting but not mandatory. I've made more damages using JKA lead as zQGJ.

    My first try was JKA, Ahsoka, IGD, QGJ and Mace since Mace has better damage than Yoda.
    Second try, I switched Mace for Yoda and it was better since Yoda can give foresight to the team (no zeta but with his basic he gains foresight and TM and can retribute to the whole team). So a better survavibility.

    I I had Aayla, I think I would put her as 5th instead of Yoda.

    EDIT: IGD ans Ahsoka hits like a truck when the tank is toppled with JKA lead.
  • Ive done 15% with zQGJ, JKA, IGD, Ahsoka, Aayla
  • Baldusi
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    Bigsmoke wrote: »
    Ive done 15% with zQGJ, JKA, IGD, Ahsoka, Aayla
    Yes, I've seen that those five are the top Jedi. Then you can swap leadership around, and may be swap Barriss for Ahsoka if you can't make it to Rage. But that's the team clearly. I'm finding Ahsoka gear grom g10 to g11 pretty grinding. Already did QGJ, are JKA, IGD and Aayla as difficult to gear as Ahsoka or somewhere in the middle between Snipes and Yoda?
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