Battle Stuck in TB, cannot Attack or Auto


I'm stuck on wave 4 of 6 and cannot attack manually or on Auto.

Also cannot forfeit since the gear is greyed out.

Please advise.



  • Had same issue on CLS special mission. Contacted EA. They told me to close app and reboot then open game again. Obviously this made me forfeit. They said they could do nothing about it, said they would compensate me 100 crystals, and never did. Waste of time to try and get it corrected. Asked them if they were going to look into the issue and they sent me a troubleshooting guide. Phone is up to date, SWGOH is up to date, did not lose connectivity.
  • Thanks RaLLy for the info. We have had this happen to a few people in our guild and they had the same luck. Just figured reporting it might get it fixed in the future.
  • No Problem Carl. Had same thought in mind....happened to many of us. Someone actually took a video too.
  • Same thing just happened to me on stage 5 of the phoenix battle :(
  • Hiya!
    This has been flagged as a bug for further investigation. Thanks!
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
  • I have just had the same thing happen during the special mission for ROLO. Veers used his AOE attack and my team counter attacked under a CLS lead. It was then CLS' turn to attack and the game automatically used his Call to action ability. Following that action, I was unable to select any attack. Settings gear button was greyed out, and selecting auto did nothing. I was forced to close the app completely, as the only thing I could do in game was chat. Quite disappointed that this made me forfeit my contribution to the guild's earning pic ROLO shards.
  • Same here and unfortunately it was in the ROLO battle
  • Same thing with CLS lead like Kloran said
  • Hey there, same issue at the moment. This time in the mission with Hoth rebel soldier. Team is CLS, Chirrut, Baze, Raid Han and HRS. After a snowtrooper AOE and the counter, the rebel airstrike AOE automatically came up, but left 1 oponent. I can't do anything now.
  • Same thing has happened to me on phase 2/6. It's not one of the special battles, just light side only.

  • Happened to me today on phase 4 CLS/HRSo battle. :/
  • This just happened to me also. Very annoying. Can we get an update on when the fix is coming for this please?
  • Happened to me today on 6\6 of battle. Completely froze up. Had to reboot game. Lost toons, and battle
  • Yup, Im currently stick in 4/6 of Phoenix TB Battle....**** way to treat the hard working player base.
  • Initially reported 20+ days ago, and is still going on??!! C'MON MAN!!!!
  • @CG_Kozispoon @CG_RyDiggs can we get an update on the status of this game-breaking bug. A lot of guilds are operating on thin margins and when guildmates experience this bug it can deflate the morale of the guild for the entire phase.
  • Maegor wrote: »
    @CG_Kozispoon @CG_RyDiggs can we get an update on the status of this game-breaking bug. A lot of guilds are operating on thin margins and when guildmates experience this bug it can deflate the morale of the guild for the entire phase.

    This. We have had 2 phases so far where this bug has cost the entire guild a star and has put us in danger of dropping reward tiers. It is demoralizing since it is through no fault of our own.
  • Just had this happen to me on stage 3/3 on CLS mission. Any comments on whether this is being worked on/fast tracked?
  • Same. Many members in my guild and others have been experiencing this freezing bug in TB combat missions. I've noticed it specifically in combats requiring Hoth's, CLS, Phoenix and R1. VERY disappointing. Please fix asap. Really brings a person down with the Team effort being exploited. :(
  • Just happened to me on round 2/3 of the CLS mission. It happened on CLS's turn, as well.
  • Just happened to me on 2/3 of tb ship battle. What's going on devs?????
  • Just happened to a guildie on wave 4 of the Phoenix mission
  • Lost both middle battles on last Territory today!! Fix your game ffs
  • Happened to me as well in Rebels wave 4/6 in phase 6. Other guildies also experienced the bug. Please fix this...
  • This needs to get fixed pronto guys. Our top players are losing 6 battles and that's costing us critical points. We will probably lose a star due to this issue happening THREE times today.

    Unbelievable that we have all this coordination and effort required for this game mode, only to have it completely wasted because of this hanging bug. It is sapping our collective will and we will probably lose some top players because they are fed up.
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