TB starts in a few hours! 53 million GP guild, 26* TB looking to replace some inactive players!

Hey all! We're looking to replace some inactive players in our guild with some strong and active ones. We recently finished TB with 26*, and we have over 53 mill GP. We're seeking players with 1.2 mill+ GP who play daily and get close to 600.
We run raids at 7pm (Mountain) and have a 24 H no damage rule. Also we require players to have Discord so we can coordinate attacks (this helped so much for our last TB- Increased our star count by 3).
We are a very active and social guild and looking for members who are as well! We chat all the time and help each other with squad advice/strategy, and we are very active about donations.
Message me back if this sounds like a good fit for you!
Mol Boda 914-412-996


  • Step on up! It's almost TB time!
  • Enigmaticien
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    we have an opening. hAAT . We are closing in on a Guild GP of 80M. We are a semi-competitive guild with a casual attitude, doing approx 29K +raid tickets. RAid times are 18.30 GMT (hAAT) and 19.30 (pit). Both raids are 24h 0 score, then FFA. We are based in Europe but have players around the world, primarily US and France. We are looking for a player with a GP around 1.5M or more, Level 85, CLS preferred. We also require 5* HRSolider and farming and 7*HRScout . Line required for communication.

    Check out our guild on swgoh.gg link
  • Haha, no WE are looking to recruit. I'm not looking for a new guild. EVERYONE IGNORE HIM. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.
  • Less than an hour before TB! Get with us!
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