The Empire, a leader in the SWGOH community is now recruiting. Up to 41 stars.

The Empire
Give yourself to the Dark Side, join The Empire, and bring order to the galaxy. The Empire is (currently) composed of six guilds, Kashyyyk, Mandalore, Scarif, Hoth, Wobani, and our newest addition Prime. This SWGOH community hosts players of all skill levels. All of our guilds are completing heroic AAT raids, except for Wobani which is our Imperial Detention Center solely created for our ALT accounts. Visit our website at
Guild Basics:
The Empire is a growing collection of some of the most active, sociable, knowledgeable SWGOH gamers that together run six raiding teams focused on maximizing stars during territory battles. 40+ stars have been achieved through careful planning and dedicated raid squad orchestration. We are all about family, unity and working together to overcome any obstacle/new content the game can throw at us.
Almost all members are level 85 and we're a mix of whales, dolphins, minnows, and FTP. Our members are primarily based in the US. HAAT raid times are consistently at 9:15pm, US eastern time.
Key Questions:
What is the most important thing to know about being in The Empire?
We believe that communication is important from both the guild leadership and the guild members. We've set up a Charter for all prospective members with additional guild information, which is available to view here: >>> Empire Charter <<<. Our goal with the charter is to help set expectations and reduce confusion/uncertainty. Thus, we have information on the Imperial Community at large, raid times, daily ticket expectations, and more within our charter. We created a concise and user-friendly document as our mission, and as always, is to help others grow in a fun and welcoming environment. Also, we really like blowing up tanks and decapitating rancors. So check out the charter and let us know if you have questions or would like more information.
Now what are the heroic guilds’ requirements you ask? Pretty simple;
1. Be generous and donate 2 gear pieces daily
2. Possess Galactic Power of 1.4M or more
3. Have Commander Luke Skywalker
4. Get your 600 daily raid tix so your guild can max raiding opportunities
5. Be on Discord
Feel free to contact our Imperial leaders through any of the below means:
Visit us on Discord >>>HERE<<< and let us know!
Lead Recruiter:
• 12mm - ; ally code: 781-671-689; discord: 12mm [Scarif]#5916
• Ava - ; ally code: 493-184-528, discord: Ava [Kashyyyk GL]#0319


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