Guild Store Gear?

Hi guys,

Im lvl 62 at the minute and im in a good guild. I am not farming any shards in the guild store at the minute expect for Starck who rarely shows up. I am willing to buy some gear from the store when Starck isnt there however the gear that is showing up is pretty useless. Its mostly green and the odd blue gear but ive rarely seen any purple gear there.

Is this because of my level? Or will this always be the case? I have read a couple of times about the gear in the guild store being really good investment but i havn't seen gear worth buying yet.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • I hope you've been buying them Shower Drains (MK3 Holo) because they stop showing up after level 60 or so.
  • the purple shower drains? they have never showed up in the store for me?
    only the blue steering wheels lol i dont know what they are called. Mk 3 Nubian or something.
  • Yes.. since u are in the good guild, keep stocking ur guild token. As ur lvl goes up there will be many useful gear there like carbati, stun gun n stun cuff, even the raid gear.

    Also as @Huatimus said, that shower drain is useful
  • Oh wait sorry I think that was in the past. They revamped the guild store. You should be able to buy better gear as you level up. You'll also need a lot of MK3 Carbs. No one has heard of Atkins diet in Star Wars apparently.
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