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Hey guys,

I won't be getting a 7* star emperor in this event so I'm trying to plan what empire team I could attempt for the next R2 event. Is the following group viable with my gear goals?

Vader G9/G10
Tarkin G8
Shoretrooper G9/10
Deathtrooper G9/10
TFP G9/10

I could try and get in Krennic if he would fit better, but I feel like Tarkin's lead would be more useful than Krennic for this event (that speed boost).


  • very much easily doable if you omega Deathtrooper's Terminate
  • Thanks for the tip. I was wondering what Omega's to focus on. I figured Vader for sure but terminate is good to know.
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    Got them all to Gear 9. Hoping to get Vader & DT to Gear 10 in time (depends if I can hit level 80 in time). That will also let me get the deathmark omega. I put an omega on Vaders basic already. Feeling pretty decent that I should be ready...

    O and they better release those DT & ST 80 packs or I'll be mad...

    I heard level of toons isnt very important (except for unlocking gear levels and omegas) so I'm thinking it shouldnt matter if the team is mid 70's except for DV & DT.

  • As long as you can get them all to 7 stars, your team looks solid. I’d put your arena mods on them for the event if you have any problems.
  • One thing I notice is all of them don’t have good speed. Speed is crucial! Especially for TFP. Shoretrooper less so since he auto taunts now but you still need to get more speed on your team.
  • Was able to 3star up to 6star R2D2 with the below group. I just need to farm out shoretrooper to 7 star and then I should be able to get him with some mod swapping around.

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