Nightsisters and Wicket being added to the board.

While I am in some sense relieved that I don't have to plan on a several year long farm for these characters, I am saddened that they chose this route instead of adjusting the rewards to make a more acceptable time to acquire model. It's true they didn't say they were removing the events, but I don't see more of them coming in the future with the way these turned out.

To me, the style of release was new, innovative, and exactly the kind of thing this game should be having, it's just unfortunate that they made the time to acquire model so long. I'd say 6 months is about the longest one should expect to have to farm a character without getting speed ups (not counting the time to farm what is needed to farm the character). A year is not an uncommon number in this game though, and it had caused an inordinate amount of complaining. As far as I can tell, this is why the hard node sims got raised to 5 sims a day.

All in all, I'd like to keep my fingers crossed that they keep events like this in mind for the future, but with something more like a 30-40 shards/month plan instead.

40 shards/month still works out to 4 months just to unlock a 5* character, but is a far more reasonable time frame.

I know they stated something about marquee characters and the release cadence in conjunction with this, so it would be reasonable to assume they simply meant characters with these events in the future will be released in some other fashion. I would like to see them released only through the event personally. That would be awesome.

But they also expressed frustration at people's disappointment in their attempt to bring us a unique experience which could lead one to believe they are not going to even use this style of release at all anymore.

To that end I have made this thread. If others are like me and would like to see more events of this nature provided they don't have ridiculous time frames, we have to tell them so or it probably won't happen. They seem to be on a tipping point. If people really just did hate the style of the event, well that should be discussed somewhere as well.

So, community, what are your thoughts?


  • I agree it was a really unique way to release a character and I liked it, but only getting 10 shards a month. If they were to run the event like once a week it would be a lot better. It is the case with all thier events though. Each event should drop a lot more rewards then they have set. The way they have all the event rewards now would be fine for a weekly run time, but most are monthly. When you can farm more gear and shards in a single energy refresh there is something wrong with the rewards.
  • I have to agree with your stance here. The model was neat and interesting l the only downfall was the excessively long time to star up the chars. Simply addressing that time frame would have been more then sufficient to satisfy the majority of players with that style of char release I feel.
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    Agree with the OP - also - they better not remove the MT and Wicket events altogether because many acquired them at 7* with the specific benefit of farming zetas. That would be riot-worthy.
  • Agree with the OP - also - they better not remove the MT and Wicket events altogether because many acquired them at 7* with the specific benefit of farming zetas. That would be riot-worthy.

    Yup. And the Talzin event has come around, what, only twice?
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    I agree, I loved the concept but would have liked them to just make the event more frequent than release the toon to a different location like they are planning.

    The one reason this may not have been an option would be the rush of zetas this could have caused, but thats just pure speculation. going up to 4 zetas a month would increase the gap between f2p and p2p.
  • Absolutely. And this way they can release characters that aren’t exactly game breaking because people will buy them just for the zetas.
  • Agree 100%
  • The events were fine. The timelines were absolutely ridiculous.
  • +1 for each time I've killed a NS Zombie (which is a lot).
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    All they had to do was increase the frequency of the events. Once a week or even biweekly would have been significantly better than 'about once a month'.

    I love the concept of these events and do hope we get more of them.
  • Totally agree. The events were fine just needed the timeline to 7* the event specific characters brought down significantly. I think as you said six months is much more reasonable. If they are too long people lose interest totally, and as we know that is what happened.
  • I'd prefer these events be added in game, with some kind of "ticket" system that was unique to the individual player. Then you could just spend your tickets to play through the event whenever you had enough. It would still be a "timed release" and it would take all the guess work out of when you're going to be able to get a shot at shards.

    For what it's worth, Wampa and Hermit Yoda are already kinda like this, in the sense that you have control over which one you unlock and how quickly (to a degree) you do so.
  • Agree 100%.
  • I agree with you. I also don't like it when they change their minds. I spent money on the night sisters because it would give me a several month/year advantage at getting the zetas from the second event. Now I feel like I wanted that money since it only gained me an extra 4 zetas. :(
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