81 Million HAAT guild guild looking for 1-2

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The Balance Begins is a competitive but not overly demanding guild for players that love the game! Ideal candidates would be 1.2Mil GP or higher though exceptions can be made. The total guild GP is around 81Mil. We're mostly F2P, though some of us have spent some cash.

Raid Tickets - We ask everyone to make an effort to put up 500 tickets per day though we don't track it each day. We generally pull about 26K tickets per day which allows us to raid HPIT 3x per week and HAAT 2x per week.

HPITs - Those who already have 7 star Han lay back from top spots so others can finish getting him too. Alternate 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm EST.

HAAT - FFA though the few that have him 7 stars don't take top spots. Everyone gets Kenobi shards :)

Sith Raid - We have Tier 4 on farm. Working towards getting Tier 5 on farm next.

TB - is about 27 stars in LS and 28 DS though there is potential for more

TW - We've won most of our matches (except for a handful where it was a ridiculous matchup). (Won more than 30 TWs). Everyone gets 2 zetas on a win! Strong guild participation here (45+).

Discord is strongly encouraged

This is a chill group, in it for fun, but still playing daily, still progressing, and producing raid tickets. It's as much about the community of players as it is the game play - but that doesn't mean we don't take the game, and our progress, seriously. If you're engaged in the game, playing a bit each day, want to join in the chat banter from time to time, and are generally loving your SWGOH experience, it's a great fit for us and for you.

We have 1-2 spots open.

Message me for more info or join us on our discord https://discord.gg/SCzcgTb

Ally code 396-993-437
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