Chat zeta update?

Since we got the 7* and gear level updates back, how about adding an update in the chat for people adding zeta abilities.
It's not a common occurrence so I believe there should be some reflection of that accomplishment


  • Kyno
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    WookieeBelch: Is there a way we could see who is adding zetas in the in game guild chat?
    [NR]: The answer is yes, but not yet. We're reviewing the "chat announcment" tech in general, but we don't have any updates to it in the near future. But it's something we'd like to come back to at some point and better refine

    From the QA.
  • Just as a side note, I hope devs will rework the chat completely one day. As this chat lack a lot of functions, like shard chat, general chat, PM, emoticons, etc.

    Also it will be good to see who landed the last blow to the raid boss in the chat. Sometimes one of our guildies kills rancor before the time we agreed. That's against the guild rules, and sometimes it is hard to determine who did that.
    The balance? Never heard of that.
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