Will the veteran packs come back?

Does anyone know if the packs for the veteran smugglers will come back? I’m currently at about 40/100 on both characters, and I will NEEEEEDDD those packs


  • I just bought a $100 crystal pack and did all my 100 and 200 refreshes for cantina and bought shipment shards and refreshed until it got to 400 and stopped. I needed 80 of each and now have them and have 3k crystals left.
  • I’ve gotta believe they release these events around quarter end for a reason....they want to make money. They know A LOT of people will drop cash for that very reason. So I’m thinking yes, probably along with the Force Awakens Ultimate Bundle, which is trash for 100, but people will buy it tomorrow just to be able to have a shot at JTR.

    Let’s see, I’m in the same boat but for Rey and Finn, need that ultimate bundle to be released as well or no chance.
  • Yeah, I would almost guarantee it. The packs will be added to the shop very soon.
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