What should I focus on for the 07/12 to 07/18 Palpatine Event?

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Emperor's Demise (the Palpatine Event) is going to run from 07/12 to 07/18, and today is 07/02.

07/02 Today on I am
07/03 I should be able to 7* Zeb and Hera
07/04 start 5-dot health mod farming (my goal is to place 5 dot 12+ level health mods with on anyone who has under a 4-dot mod now).
07/09 I should be able to 7* Kanan

Goal per:
http://apps.crouchingrancor.com/Mods/Advisor .

Square [Sq], Arrow [A], Diamond [D], Triangle [T], Circle [Ci], Cross [Cr]

Chopper: Off [Sq], Pro [A], Def [T], _Pro [T], Pro [Ci], Pro [Cr] . . . or speed [A] (last to get SPD)
Ezra: Off [Sq], Spd [A], Def [T], Crit [T], Pro [Ci], Pro [Ci]
Zeb: Off [Sq], Spd [A], Def [T], Pro [T], Pro [Ci], Pro [Cr] . . . or Potency [Cr]
Hera: Off [Sq], Spd [A], Def [T], Pro [T], Pro [Ci], Pro [Cr]
Kanan: Off [Sq], Spd [A], Def [T], Pro [T], Pro [Ci], Pro [Cr]

Here is my current team:

75 | 7* 00/000 | G8.1 | 10,716 | Ezra Bridger
75 | 7* 00/000 | G8.2 | 09,481 | Chopper
75 | 6* 50/100 | G8.2 | 08,728 | Kanan Jarrus
75 | 6* 96/100 | G8.2 | 08,575 | Hera Syndulla
75 | 6* 95/100 | G8.1 | 08,298 | Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios

How far do you think I can go with a ~L75-L78 (I am level 75 now), G8-G9, 7* team?
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  • I would think that would likely do it. My Phoenix are a little further on than yours though I need some more speed on Kanan. May need a few goes due to RNGesus nonsense but it should get there easily enough.

    By next week chopper should be at IX by next week and my Ezra already is.

    Thrawn will be a different matter entirely however for 7* as he's new(ish) and therefore comes with attention to people modding.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    Don't do level 12 on your mods!

    If you're worried about credit crunch, farm 4-dot mods instead and max them out for the full set bonus.

    6 4-dot mods on each character will set you back 9 million total, whereas 5-dot maxed on each will be 15 million+.
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    I will go back to farming 4-dots. I think I used a ~1-day of cantina energy farming 5-dots, so not that bad of a goof.

    Credits are always a problem. I just started clearing the Galactic War about a week ago. I am in a guild that generates credits, and I appreciate that.

    I was going to raise the mods to level 12, and then up them to level 15 after I got everyone to level 12.
    Should I concentrate on upping one mod at a time to level 15? Perhaps take all the speed arrows to level-15 first? I think I have a handful of 4 dot speed mods (3-5?).
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    If they're all health mods try and upgrade pairs on each person to start. The bonus for health is from having 2 @ lvl 15. So do the arrows and pick another one. Slowly chip away. Mods are expensive, yes. But the set bonuses are really important.

    If you end up with 6 fully leveled health mods you'll gain (+5% health x 3 sets of 2) = +15% health. Plus whatever other bonuses the mods are giving you.
  • Darkrose

    its nice strategy, will try it myself. :D
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