New GW Suggestions.

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I for one like GW and use it to test the frogginess of my TW teams. Just a suggestion:

1. Allow us to sim individual battles so we can skip the easy ones and fight the hard ones; and/or
2. Add a button for GW Hard mode that allows us to choose basically higher difficulty battles throughout. Keep them simmable, or dont, and add a small extra reward. Or just add a single extra bonus node that is not simmable that unlocks at a certain level\power and has a top 100 arena team or something similar.



  • Mr_Sausage
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    GW is the closest to a sandbox mode that we have. I can’t test out different comps properly because they just slaughter the enemy in 30 seconds. I would love a hard node....with prizes. Maybe a zeta at the end of a GW run on hard.
  • I have been thinking this for a while now and finally got around to signing up to suggest it.
    Now that GW is simmable it could be made harder or add a hard mode with/without better rewards (obviously prefer 'with')
    GW is the only real place to practice with new toons/teams that aren't quite ready for arena but the current GW difficulty is not presenting enough challenge.
    'Normal' and 'Hard' modes (like LS and DS tables) makes the most sense to me...
    'Fingers crossed'
  • To help GW be more relate-able to T-Wars combat prep testing purposes (should be an easy fix to do), it would be great to see the foe squad's GP and toon level GP like what is provided for T-Wars defense squads.
    I currently send in the defense squad I am testing on auto for the 12 nodes and see how they do but without insight into the GP of the foes not as much value in using GW battles for this purpose. Some configuration of difficulty or squad comps would be great to have as well.

    For a harder to create item... Guild level Thunder Dome experience (Player vs. Player) or across guilds - player vs player maybe against players in the same arena shard for some type of title and rewards.
    Player roster vs another player's roster mini-war it would be fun to have within the guild, should be some type of rewards maybe have it last a week so it doesn't interfere to much with other activities. Set N-many Defense toon and ship squads and use rest of roster for Offense squads...
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