Mission/BigZ Theorycrafting

Hi, as a bit of background, my guild has been doing HAAT for a couple of months now. I'm 72/145 on GK and I've got a decent CLS for p1 (won't solo it but good damage anyway) and during the rare occasions I see p3 without someone soloing through it, I can get Tiepatine going. I'm on a launch shard but I stopped playing for a long while so I'm missing a lot of characters other people have accumulated which means I'm not farming Zetas in shipments so I've only got one on EP.

I really like Vader's lead for raid potential and I really like Mission and Big Z's synergy - I've already started gearing them up for hodge-podge TW teams and in expectation of a Kotor event, I'll farm them when they release fully soon. I'm thinking though, that they're best use could be under zVader in raids and in that regard, HAAT will be the goal.

So my questions are, how to people think they'll do (worth it?) and who else should be run with them?

For the first - I'm definitely going to go for it just because I'm interested in that and that's really what any game is about but if the payoff isn't likely to be enough immediately, I'd be happy dropping the Zeta a couple of rungs in priority.

For 4th/5th characters - I'm thinking BB8, CLS, Raid Han, Thrawn, Sidious and Boba Fett are probably my best options for now. I'm not sure on the exact mechanics behind the Wampanader solo team but perhaps Mission/Z can stack DoTs quick enough + Armor Shred for Culling Blade to pick up the slack damage from missing Wampa. Probably not.

On a side note, we're doing T3/4 STR so I'm tempted to go for it and use that as a trial raid until I've got stars but if anyone is further along with investment (in terms of whaling on them for stars + Vader's Zeta) I'd be grateful for a report.



  • HK666
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    while really doubt they have solo potential or are the toons, if you are putting a team together anyway why not use them

    For your last two members, you should get someone with tenacity down and then a damage dealer. CLS fits both roles, and I think the ideal last member are the last spot is Yolo or Wampa. (this is for farming goal, not for the moment)

    for right now, pretty much the toons you listed work. I would keep away from Sid, as the other toons average more dots.
  • Cheers for answering, atm, I'm leaning towards BB-8 + Boba Fett and running from part of P2 onwards. As much as I'd rather have Thrawn, without Wampa's damage, having Execute for the dots makes a lot of sense to me. BB-8 because I'm gonna need buffs from somewhere. CLS still has P1 value anyway even if I'm not quite up to soloing that yet.
  • HK666
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    CLS, Rhan and Hoda don't need much gear to solo P1, as if you can get the tmr down
  • No Hoda. I do think I'm fairly close though.
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