Anakin Fighter question

Well, today happened something strange in ships arena to me.

I was fighting against a chimaera with anakin fighter. Top speed, and no reaper or imperial tie on his side.

I used chimaera, top speed too. First reinforcement was my reaper, which lasted till the end of battle.

During the battle 3 ships have fallen.

That's the scenario, according this i should anihilate before him, right? Well, it wasn't the case... So my question is what happened?

Reaper tm removal is unavoidable. The other team hasn't got reaper or imperial tie.

Anakin grants Valor to other ships (gives 15% tm to endurance and reduces its final hability 1 turn). Could valor work with other capital ships?...

Did you find that in your ship arena? That's old news? Hahaha


  • I cant answer your question, but I feel the need to say this here about Anakin:

    I can beat any fleet in my shard, including 7* HT fleets, and finish top 1-5 if I try.

    BUT there is one exception. Mace, 6* HT, 5s, Vader + Anakin and Plo reinforce. I get curb-stomped. Usually can't even kill 1 ship before I am wiped. Mace gets his super before my Thrawn gets his.

    Beware Anakin.
  • HK666
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    I think reaper tm is resistable. Maybe you got unlucky 3 times
  • Mace + Anakin + Plo + Ahsoka = dead Tarkins and Thrawns
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  • HK666 wrote: »
    I think reaper tm is resistable. Maybe you got unlucky 3 times

    Nope, it can't be resisted.

    I don't know what it was. Yesterday i fought against him again and I went first this time... maybe it was a bug and it's been fixed or something like that...
  • Anakins ship looks sneaky good. I plan on farming him once I finish my guys for Revan.
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