Will there be new ewoks in the future?

Much like the chewbacca event introducing a boatload of new bounty hunters will we see any last minute ewok additions coming in? With such a small faction to work from and all of maybe 2 that are pretty decent (chief chirpa and wicket) I dont see much use for them. Not saying they are a bad faction just not much of a selection.


  • Liath
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    In the future? Maybe. In the next week or so in time for this event? Highly doubtful.
  • You obviously haven’t played enough with ewoks. Lol. I’ve got 5 gear12 ewoks, and they can beat any CLS, zKRU squad out there. If you get good RNG you can beat traya squads, and if your opponent doesn’t have zJolee, you can even beat Revan squads with the right mods. Trust in the murder bears. They are fantastic
  • I doubt they release any new ewoks in the near term. BH got some new additions because there's a large number that had relevance in Clone Wars content and it was the anniversary. Outside of ROTJ, Ewoks have had little presence and they're difficult to distinguish.

    If you do end up focusing on a team, the best squad is Chirpa (L), Paploo, Logray, Wicket, and Elder.
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