You need powerful mods more than powerful gear.

Today I unlocked 7* Chewbacca with this team:

As you can see Dengar is only gear IX and Greedo is only gear X (was farming gear to put him on XI though).

I gave them my absolutely best mods, primary stats were all on health% or protection% where possible and the highest amount of speed in every mod. Before giving them my arena mods I couldn't survive more than 2 turns.

I used Bossk lead, had to reset many times until I got optimal start. Bossk was first, Boba Fett just behind him so neither of them could be stunned/ability blocked because after I used Predator Instincts I needed Boba to use special ability (Execute on Chewie to clear buffs). Then I focused Lando (and removed tm with Threaten), however I wasn't using any AoE that could fuel enemy tm. Greedo killed him with 3 criticals each about 12k. Then I went for Chewie, I was lucky that it just became the weakest enemy when it was Bossk's turn and I could use his middle attack to fulfill the contract. After that I used all my AoE to regen everything back and not being worried about Lando constantly using his AoE.

Chewie quickly died and contract went off. It was still 3v5. During the battle I lost Greedo to Han Solo but still managed to win with 4 bounty hunters left. Hope it helps somebody.


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    Kinda 50% true. You need one or the other. Both will net you less frustration and less reliance on RNG. Massive congrats though on your shiny new 7* Chewie.
  • This is my problem with a lot of the events, they depend more heavily on mods than gear. Mods are really the only part of the game that the player has no control over, you have no idea what secondaries you're going to get and if you do get the stat you need, you have no idea if leveling up the mod will level up the stat. I've got over six hundred mods and my highest speed secondary (not counting for +30 arrow mods) is a twenty, and I only have one of those. I farm mods every day with a crystal refresh, the good stats just never drop.
    What's the point of spending months farming a whole team up to gear xii to watch them get destroyed in the first few turns of an event, while another player with gear viii and ix is able to do it easily simply because RNGsus blessed them with five full sets of +30 speed mods??
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    While there's obviously a slot-machine aspect to mods, it's untrue to say you have no control over mods. You have resources (crystals, energy, and credits) and you decided how much to invest (crystal refreshes), how much to farm (mods vs slicing), and how much to level (using credits here versus for other things). And then there's the "which toon gets which mods" aspect, which we see here all the time is something a lot of people don't have a handle on and can't beat events strictly because the right mods are on the wrong toons.
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  • I dont know if I agree, I mean, if you're farming shards you might get some, could be 1 shard, maybe 2 or maybe you get lucky and get 8 shards from 8 battles. Same if you're farming a certain bit of gear, you find it, you farm it, maybe you get it maybe you dont.
    Farming mods is different, true you get a 100% drop rate so 8 battles is 8 mods, except unlike when you're farming shards or gear, the mods you get might just suck. That doesn't happen on other farms, if you want an mk3 carbanti you farm it and maybe you get it, but what doesn't happen is you get a carbanti that only gives +10 strength instead of +25.
    I mean maybe thats just the swings and roundabouts thing, farming a lot of gear is hard but all gear you get is useful, farming a lot of mods is easy but not all mods you get are useful
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    Kinda 50% true. You need one or the other. Both will net you less frustration and less reliance on RNG. Massive congrats though on your shiny new 7* Chewie.

    Well, given we got this rise of BH ships going on, most veteran players would suggest gear for the pilots and mods for the hitchhikers.
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