“Factory Reset”



  • "Request denied."
    "Because you wish it to be so!"

    If it ever happens the game will be heading to shutdown. Some other games I have played gave players everything they wanted. Then announced the shutdown date. Was fun for a few weeks lol
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    Daishi wrote: »
    If someone wants to reskill and make better choices... start an alt. I think many people do when they realize they've made poor decisions.

    Not 100% accurate. There are characters that have been geared up and maybe a zeta put on them because a year ago they were relevant. Now that the meta has shifted or more powerful characters have come out, the previous character isn't as useful. So in that case it isn't about poor choices, but the evolution of the game. I put a zeta on Qui Gon, now Bastila is the go to leader of the jedi team.

    I think the devs are aware of this sort of thing...characters who are bumping GP but are no longer viable. That is why some events and game modes try to give a nod to deep rosters- they are consciously trying to balance depth vs streamlining. It’s actually great for the game that a newish player can focus old republic and grab Revan and make some noise in multiple areas but that same player is going to fall short in TB, TW, and other events. There is no one setup that gives you the advantage in every game mode.
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    Complete makeover would destroy the purpose of the game.
    A reset for one gear level, g8-11 or a full character wouldn't hurt.
    I see other games doing that and they also long based.
    But such a opportunity would make player happy and CG doesn't want that to happen.
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