Can my first 5 ewoks get the job done without wicket or logray? I don’t have the desire to pump them up 7w3p60ylh5c9.png


  • With high gear (realistically, all g12) and zetas, and great mods, and some good RNG, probably.

    Not trying to be a wise guy either... but Wicket provides you with the AOE attack that lets you get a head start on wearing down the stealthed characters so the battle doesn’t drag on as long (plus he hits like a truck compared to the other Ewoks, except for Scout) and has a fair chance of taking another turn immediately, he can call a targeted assist from Elder to both up the chance of squad wide TM gain and provide stealth to Elder to keep him alive and healing your squad. (Plus there is the monthly event that provides free zetas, that alone should be enough incentive to get him 7*).

    Logray (among other things) provides AOE daze, which keeps the counter attacks from eating you alive.

    So yes, I am sure it can be done without them, but they really are two of the best equipped (kit-wise) for the event...

    (For the record, I got my 7* threepio first try with g11 zChirpa 169 speed, g11 zWicket 191 speed, g11 Paploo 199 speed, g11 Elder 176 speed, g9 Logray 163 speed)
  • Appreciate the info I’ll continue the grind for wicket but logray will take a backseat. Due to me farming several others
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