Revan savior?

Anybody have revan savior not working.

It was working the other day i had 2 guys die at same time both the first deaths niether came back and now i knowticed in arena its not working.

Revan wasnt isolated they could be resd by jolee.


  • Kyno
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    Nope, worked just fine for me today.
  • Kyno
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    You know it's only the first one to reach 1 health not once for each character.
  • note that if joda is super low on health/prot could happen with 1st multi attack he triggers savior and drops down to hp only if opposing team has for example joda and ezra heavily offense moded.
  • Yea just happened again revan lead /ezra/gk/yoda/jolee yoda first to die by palp shock.

    rest had health thrawn fracture ezra almost dead yoda still dead. sion aoe killed ezra 2nd death savior still didnt proc. Jolee rezed both still won but what the hell
  • HK666
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    savior only procs once
  • Healing immunity prevents savior. Palps might be reason for that 🤔
  • Never procd thought maybe it was like the ns zombie bug not working if they die a certain way.

    I know im not the only one that knows how to bug the zombie and his ns double rez to not work guess savior has same bug.

  • Hit all ns get them low red health then aoe bomb you ive killed 3 at once zombie still up his rez wont work if you kill more then one at a time. Savior has same bug apparently
  • zombie isnt bugged, but only triggers when killed by attack. If a toon dies of Damage over time, Burinig or other non attack effects Zombie will ignore it and resurrect the next death instead.
  • leef
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    i haven't yet seen savior not procc, unless ofcourse i annihilated revan before it procced.
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