7* with this team, what gear #?

They are currently 10 10 9 8 8 left to right. I will have the stars in time. Don't know if I will have the gear to get him with his horrible team. I will be zeta Chirpa lead


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    Without Logray and Wicket I'd say at least G11 on all, if not 12. Definitely 12 on Elder.
    The good part is, if you focus on gearing only these toons, it should be doable in time.
  • I am 500ish 500ish arena and fleet, and also doing Bossk to 7* right now. I think all 10's will be doable for me.
  • Well considering he recommended 11-12 then probably not 7*. But you might enjoy a shiny 6* Nerfbat. I mean C3P0...
  • No.
    But you can 5 star him with nice mods.
    >:)So what? I want Krell!
  • The lowest I’ve heard of that lineup completing it at 7* was zChirp, 3x G11s, and 2x G10s.

    Also probably took him like 100 hours worth of attempts.

    @Boba_The_Fetter claimed to do it with this - again, it’s the lowest gear/zetas I’ve heard of after searching these forums and YouTube.
  • 30 minutes of mod swapping should do it at all g10
  • 30 minutes of mod swapping should do it at all g10

    Good luck with that.
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  • G10 Elder won't survive T5. You definitely need more than 5 G10.
  • At G10 you would need beyond God Mods on all 5 to pull off 7* and fantastic mods to get 6* from what I've watched and read since the last event.
  • @Vendi1983 What lineup are you planning on using or did you use?
  • C3 is my next farm after my BH are prepped for Chewie. I have Scout at 7 from Bronziums but he's useless so my plan was the most-recommended 5. I don't like making Legendary/HJ events any harder than they need to be. I'm a ways off from being ready but I like researching and knowing what to prepare in advance so I avoid pitfalls.

    Except Chewie. Because I still haven't farmed Dengar...
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  • That's your bare minimum g10 without god mods is dead 1st wave p7
  • Tm manipulation is how u beat it assist call elder all battle dont miss 1 assist paploo dispel buffs of every character as stealth disappears
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    The last five minutes or so is him going over the mods, gear, abilities, zetas (only 1 needed).

    But this is the absolute optimal lineup and with average +100 speed on each.
  • 100 speed on all 10% of game can mod that lol get em g11 as long as 1st assault doesn't kill elder u win with tm manipulation
  • I had G11 EE, Wicket, Paplo, Teebo, and G10 Zeta Chirpa, while this was able to get through 6 star confidently, with about 100 speed on each, the 7 star event was much less forgiving. I ended up pushing EE to G12 so I could put 6e mods from my best arena set on him, moves the mods that were on him to the others to speed Paplo and Wicket up a tad more and was able to get it after 3 tries. It might be a tad easier with Logrey instead of Teebo, but I didn't have him ready. Without Wicket it would be a little tougher as well.
  • I completed 7* with this team. Final status was: G11 zchirpa, g12 scout, g12 zpaploo, g11 teebo, g11 elder.

    I should also say it took about 5 consistent hours of tries until I got the strategy down, and 1 more hour for RNG to work in my favor.
  • 30 minutes of mod swapping should do it at all g10

    No, you probably won't do it.
    Why you always ask for advice and then assume that you can do with whatever is on your mind? You were saying that you would do chewie with Cad Bane lead ROFLMAO. Just hear people and gear more your ewoks while you can. Or hoard and if things go south you gear them.
    >:)So what? I want Krell!
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