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Does anyone know how a ship's speed is actually calculated? Currently in TW, the guild we're facing has a Falcon with 185 speed. This in and of itself isn't mind boggling as it's within the limits for max attainable speed of 188 (although until a few minutes ago, I thought it topped out at 177). I'm not sure how one gets that speed though. On both his crew, Han and Chewie both have everything maxed (could be missing gear, but I doubt it), but their mods are gold 5 dots. His Falcon has no upgrades to reinforcement ability.

My Falcon is 177 speed, all everything maxed, and both crew with max gear and 6 dot mods.

How does this happen? Does the starting value of a mod before slicing affect the final outcome? I was under the impression that all gold 5 dot mods regardless of attributes (for example) were the same as far as calculating ship attributes.


  • crzydroid
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    Besides gear level and #of pieces, ability levels of the pilots (including zetas), and level and number of dots on mods, the only other thing I can think of is the star count of the ship itself.
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    Ah. Yeah. I hadn't accounted for that. I'm so used to not facing up against 7* Falcons I didn't think to look at that. Thanks! @crzydroid question answered. You can close the discussion if you want.
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